I dreamed a dream

Photo: thanks to Michael Gaida

Vive le monde!  Mort au virus! Man the barricades and get out the karaoke machine!

Just can’t stop writing. This is a tragic song but, even so, I thought I should make the ending a little bit cheerier.  So I did. There is hope for the world.

Audio for you to sing along. There’s a small intro then you’re on:


‘I Dreamed a Dream’
(with a nod to Alain Boublil & Claude Michel Schonberg)

I dreamed a dream of shops gone by
When stocks were high and hugs worth giving
I dreamed Tom Hanks would never die
I dreamed that banks would be forgiving

Then I was young and had it made
Pasta was used and made and wasted
There were no pantries yet to raid
When cheese went off it went untasted

But the hoarders come at night
With their trolleys filled with plunder
And they tear the packs apart
As they turn their greed to sha-a-a-a-a-ame

He shopped a summer by my side
He filled my fridge with endless wonder
He took my tim tams in his stride
But they were gone when autumn came

But still I dream they’ll come to me
And we will share the beers together
But coffee beans I’ll never see
And toilet rolls are gone forever

I had a dream the shops would be
Much fuller than where I am living
So different now but don’t you see
Nothing can kill the dream I dream