The Devil’s Caress is coming!

The Devil's CaressBig news. A play. A fabulous play. Coming to Sydney. An Australian Murder Mystery. Based on a novel by Australia’s ‘very own Agatha Christie’. Who? Let me explain…

Melbourne writer June Wright (1919-2012) had six celebrated crime novels published between 1948 and 1966. All had a wonderful sense of place, witty dialogue, and  strong-willed female amateur detectives, ranging from a young telephonist to a nun.

One of my favourites is The Devil’s Caress, a psychological thriller set in Australia in the 1950’s when everyone smoked, drank and dressed for dinner. The action takes place in an isolated clifftop home on a fictional peninsula in Victoria. Hmmmm, wonder where that could be… Waves crash and winds howl as the prerequisite number of interesting persons – mainly doctors – gather for the weekend: ‘as odd a collection of medicos as ever snatched an appendix’ as The Argus (May 1952) put it.

I have been busy adapting The Devil’s Caress to stage. The result is a classic murder mystery interwoven with the story of June Wright herself.  To give you an idea what it was like being a housewife/mother of six/author in Melbourne in that era take a look at an article from The Argus (14 May 1952: p1).Murder as a Sideline

I’m over the moon that The Devil’s Caress is being brought to stage for the first time and so thrilled that it co-incides with the re-release of The Devil’s Caress in print through Verse Chorus Press. Hope to show you the new cover soon.

More info to come but this is what you need to know: The Devil’s Caress plays at Factory Space Theatre Company Manly for a three week season opening on Friday 23 March 2018.