would you watch a zany travel show?

I have a few projects going at the moment. One is a pilot episode for a TV series based on my book See Australia and Die. Each week, hapless hosts Kylie and Jason [or something similar] will feature a scenic holiday spot in this beautiful wide brown land of ours and uncover a gruesome tourist death by misadventure.  To kick it off, I’m focussing on crocodile attacks, including the death of US tourist Ginger Meadows in 1987 at Kings Cascade, WA.

The show will have real facts and stats,  helpful info for overseas tourists coming to Australia for a holiday, handy hints on how not to get eaten by crocodiles, croc recipes, tips on Aussie slang, and a few braindead zombies thrown in. The idea is for it to be informative, zany, visually stunning, hilarious and a little tasteless…I’ll have a go!