defeating roger federer

Coming to the New Theatre, Newtown
in February 2020
Stay tuned for more details


A millennial morality tale:
a straight white couple sink to an all-time low as they reach for an all-time high.

Mirek is an elite international tennis player married to Bree, an Olympic 100m silver medallist. They are madly in love, highly photogenic and wildly ambitious. The world is at their feet. Except for one thing…

All Mirek wants is Number One ranking. Alas, his nemesis Roger Federer ensures that he will forever be Number Two. In his opening power ballad he sings of his seemingly impossible task:

He forays
He glides
He’s never rude or slimy or disrespectful or full of himself or snide
So how I defeat Roger Federer?

Mirek and Bree hit upon a unique and ‘inappropriate’ solution. Together they will change the future forever and their lives will end in infamy, not glory.