Tony Blair. Attribution: Jing Ulrich [Public Domain]
HARROWDOWN HILL  is a short theatrical piece that made the final of the English National Opera Mini Opera Competition 2012.

It is based on a short story by Will Self which, in turn, was inspired by the tragic death of Dr David Kelly, scientist, UN Weapons Inspector and arms expert in the British Ministry of Defence.

Kelly died on Harrowdown Hill two days after facing a parliamentary enquiry in 2003. The story embraces the Blair Government’s notorious dossier of Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, the role of the BBC, and the terrible human cost of misinformation and lack of transparency.

If any composer feels they would like to set this to music, please get in touch.




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  1. Yuval Halpern says:

    Hi Wendy, i’m a composer applying for the mini operas, and i wanted to tell you i really liked you script. I’m still not sure i will use yours but i would like to keep in touch in any case. how can i contact you? my website is below. good luck with your work!


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