Boggo Road & The Academy Awards

IMG_4724Welcome to Boggo Road. What a great name for a jail. Officially Brisbane Prison, Boggo Road got its name from the road running past  – Annerley Road – which turned into a big bog when it rained. Australians like to shorten words or if they can’t shorten them they’ll add a syllable or two. Or change a vowel at the end. Hence Boggy turned into Boggo.

Being 29 February in Australia, news has come through that Mad Max XXVII: Fury Road, that oh-so-typical-Aussie-film, has just won an incredible 6 little golden men known as Oscars. Funnily enough, Mad Max had a connection with Boggo Road. Strange, a little sad, but a connection none the less. Check this out:


This is authentic graffiti from inside the jail. Let me zoom in:


Well, it says: Greetings from The  Lord Humungus. The Warrior of the Wastelands. The Ayatollah of Rockin Rolla.

Dated 1989, eight years after the release of Mad Max 2. Wikipedia describes Mad Max as ‘an Australian dystopian action multi-media franchise’. What can I say? I was exaggerating slightly. Fury Road is only the fourth – not the XXVIIth – in the franchise, er, series.


Including the elusive Arthur Halliday. See what I mean: