What’s My Color?
book & lyrics: Wendy Lewis
music: Yuval Halpern

whats-my-colorThis is a fun-filled family musical for 25+ voices that premiered in the US in October 2016. Hellooo-ooo Spring Woods High! And a BIG ‘go, go, go!’ to the fabulous Safari Players! Check out some pics

WMC is the story of HUE who lives in Tonetown where everything is grey.  A MYSTERIOUS MASKED STRANGER sends him off on a quest to find his colour and bring colour back to the town.

Along the way, Hue meets wacky characters like ANGRY RED MAN who loves shouting; LOUIE BLUEY, a miserable blues singin’ blue-ringed octopus;  and ROY G BIV, 3 inept but not-so-evil henchpersons.

Musically, it’s a blast with songs ranging from swing to rap to bossa nova and everything in between:

The cast was terrific:

HUE: Isaac Fernandez
CLAY: Oscar Zapata
ASH: Caleb Balladeres
GRANDPA: Geoffrey Call
MONO: Marvin Villalobos
ROY: Madison Stazo
G: Angela Larson
BIV: Charlotte Walstead
BOOK: Riley Fairchild
MISS PINK: Gloria Sparks
BUBBLES: Grace Maynard
PREZ MOCHA: Ethan Mendoza
ROSIE: Josie Zamora
SUN: Karly Anderson
SPHINX: Ceci Cuellar
GREEN: Anyelin Ayala
PURPLE: Ana Avelar
ORANGE: Kim Meeks

I want to say thanks to you all…all the choruses, singers & dancers, the dynamic duo of Ms Chrissie Cutler & Ms Terry Hibbert, the giggling pyramids, that Mysterious Masked Stranger (who was that masked man?), that crazy Book, Bubbles & co. (swish, swish…swish), the delightful Piglet, that sneaky Sphinx, those rockin’ red rocks, those mixed up hippies, that funky Prez, backstage guys, lighting guys, lead roles, you know who you are…you put on such an entertaining show!

Altogether now:  Tonetown motown our kind of town…