tales of misadventure down under

A book  about dangerous Australia.

IMG_1979 croppedGet the facts about real life-threatening situations locals and overseas tourists have faced while travelling around Australia.

Read about crocodiles;  shark attacks; cassowaries; dingos, irukandji jellyfish;  funnel-web spiders;  deadly cone shells, the stingray that got Steve Irwin (it was a bull ray); heat exhaustion;  the blue-ringed octopus;  scuba-diving fatalities; hypothermia; death from puffer fish and more.

See Australia and Die IMG_2011 flippedtakes the raw elements of Australia – the ocean, the sky, the billabongs, the outback – and shows how chilling they can be.


IMG_0944 croppedThis book really resonates with readers.  I did interviews all around the country: Richard at ABC Darwin,  Rohan in ABC Alice Springs, Cathy in Ballarat, Adam and Penny in Goulburn Valley,  2GY Gympie, David in Kalgoorlie, Robert in ABC FNQ,  Annette at ABC SA regional, the list goes on…

uluru 95And then back in Sydney,  I spoke to Robbie Buck on JJJ, Chris Smith at 2GB and Frank Crook on his overnight show. I had a nice long chat on Radio National’s Bush Telegraph. And it wasn’t just radio.  I put in appearances on Channel 7’s Morning Show with Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur,  Sky News Book Report and Southern Cross TV’s current affairs program State Focus.

Phew. Must put out a sequel.

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And don’t let this happen to you!

Freddy blows a tyre 300km from Alice Springs
300 kms out of Alice Springs
Photo with kind permission of Freddy Boucher

One more thing…
This book has recently been reprinted so you may still find the original cover around: