Defeating Roger Federer

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by Melissa May (subscribe)Freelance writer and blogger from Sydney (ex-Melbourne). Avid foodie and traveller. Loves dogs.

Event: 24/02/2020 – 26/02/2020

Defeating Roger Federer is the story of a straight white couple who sink to an all-time low as they reach for an all-time high” reads the official blurb from the producers of this hilarious new musical by Wendy Lewis.

As a massive tennis fan, I was immediately drawn to the premise of this clever play by the title alone. And while I was glad that “Roger Federer was not harmed in the making of this play,” we were warned that there would be copious amounts of strong language, adult themes and political incorrectness. Surprisingly, the play’s central focus isn’t on tennis or sport, but rather the thought processes of those who are willing to do what it takes to get what they want.

The play is spearheaded by duo Andy Leonard (Nine, Keating!) and Sophie Perkins (Carrie the Musical, Mad World). While they both shine with their comedic timing and amazing vocal talents, it is pianist Lindsay Patridge (Ruthless!, Priscilla) who steals the show with his toe-tapping tunes.

The play runs for 60 mins with no intervals, a much better premise than having to sit through a marathon five setter at a Grand Slam.