Playing Dead_Cover_V2PLAYING DEAD
Twisted tales of fake suicides

Pretending to be dead is one of the more bizarre ways to opt out of society.

Despite the obvious risks, a surprising number of people attempt to leave their old life behind by staging their own death, lying low, then popping up again with a new identity.

High-fliers facing financial ruin, murderers on the run, greedy couples with a taste for insurance fraud…you’ll find them all here in this entertaining collection of real-life stories of outrageous individuals who have tried – and failed – to play dead.

24 stories including Ken Kesey; John Stonehouse MP;  ‘Canoe Man’ John Darwin;  Olivia Newton-John’s ex Patrick McDermott +  more.

Image (6)Playing Dead featured in the Cairns Post weekend magazine Cairns Eye  (April 2013) in an article called DEADLY PRETENCE.

Interesting to consider that the only fake suicides that hit the headlines are the ones that don’t work…

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