A mini opera about connections and acceptance

Credit: Veranstalter: Deutsche Musical Akademie

Instagram / Facebook: @deutschemusicalakademie

‘I’m so excited to fly to Paris with you
Even though I’m twenty three
And live in Falkensee
I’ve never been to Par-ee…’

Yoni and his fiancée Sophie fly to Paris so she can meet his mother for the first time. Simple. Except that Yoni is Jewish, Sophie is German and Yoni’s mother has an abiding hatred of Germans. And when Yoni’s dead grandmother appears thinks get sticky. A life-affirming musical of humour, history and a triumphant celebration of acceptance.

Presented at BKA Theater Berlin in ‘schreib:maschine’ in July 2022.

Sophie: Sarah Bodle
Mother: Corinna Buchholz
Grandma: Maria King
Writer: Wendy Lewis
Accompanist/Composer: Yuval Halpern

Beautiful performance…congrats to you all!