Scandals! Lies! Cover-ups!

A highly readable look at some of Australia’s most embarrassing legal, political, sporting, criminal & financial stuff-ups.



Inside you’ll find 36 juicy scandals ranging from  shocking abuse of human rights to bungled cover-ups that highlight the extraordinary ability Australians have to laugh at themselves.

Take your pick from our fallen hero Bondy; our most photogenic convicted criminal, Schapelle Corby;  the irrepressible Shane Warne; findings of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody; Australia’s biggest corporate collapse (that would be HIH); the assassination of John Newman, MP; the inscrutable Helen Demidenko;  the Chase for Skase; controversial cleric Mufti Sheikh al- Hilali and his uncovered meat;,, and; that red-headed fish-and-chip-shop-lady and lots more.

Caught Out! featured in a guest spot on Radio National’s Perspective and you can read all about it here.