Celebrating 50 years of
remarkable achievement

The officially endorsed history of the Australian of the Year awards.

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Through this book, you will have the chance to meet this extraordinary group of Australians. As you read their stories, I encourage you to reflect on your own part in our national life. What are the characteristics or traits of this group of Australians you aspire to share?…Whatever the quality that you admire most, I encourage you to cultivate it in yourself.’

Adam Gilchrist, Chair, National Australia Day Council.

Australians of the Year celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the Australians of the Year award by taking a close look at the lives and achievements of over 50 inspirational Australians including Joan Sutherland, Jack Brabham, Neville Bonner, Fred Hollows, Catherine Freeman, General Peter Cosgrove and more.

official invitationA bit more info…

I was invited to  the Australians of the Year fiftieth anniversary dinner at Parliament House, Canberra. You can read about it here.